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Procion MX Dye kit by Jacquard


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Procion MX Dye kit contain 4 2/3 oz jars of Procion MX dyes and 1 lb. of soda ash dye fixer
Jacquard's Procion MX Dye kit is designed for use with natural fibers, such as cotton, silk and linen.  It is the most versatile and popular of dyes, and can be used for tie dye, batik, immersion dyeing and direct application.  

Kit contains 4 2/3 oz. jars in the following colors:

004 - Lemon Yellow
040 - Fuschsia
068 - Turquoise
150 - Jet Black

1 lb. bag of Soda Ash Dye Fixer - a dry activator for the Procion MX dyes.

Complete instructions for dyeing using the MX dyes can be found at: